my genesis blog

56 minutes.  56 minutes of staring at my laptop waiting for my fingers to write.  I should have given up at 55.  Why is it taking so long?  Where are all those ideas I had during the day?  My mind has become as blind as ______ (add cliché here).  Its been said you should write to your audience.  My audience? Who the heck is that?  80 year olds?  10 year olds? Techies? Trekkies? Anyone?  Bueller?  Well this is going sideways fast.

The majority of my day I am in the solitude of my work.  Just me, my work and thoughts.  All day, thoughts.  Funny thoughts.  Confusing thoughts.  Sarcastic thoughts, mostly sarcastic thoughts.  For good or bad, sarcasm fuels my day.   But not now my mind has decided to shut down as usual when I need it the most, much like when taking an exam in high school or any other school for that matter.

So what is bazoorant?  It is my place to vent, ponder, wonder, ask, ramble, learn, and digest.  About what?  Current events, politics, my drive to work, stupidity, construction zones, people who take 13 items into a 10 item line and anything else…potentially.

Who am I?  Mostly a hack.  I am a lot older than a baby, but to young to quit work.  From birth I have lived all over the world, and when not living around the world I travel.  I live in middle USA.  I have a college degree I don’t use and getting another one I won’t use.  I drive a 5 speed car, hate guacamole, love to snow ski, often find the glass half empty, can’t stand being late, and will debate an issue until its time to kick a dead horse. (and no I have never kicked a dead horse)  So again what is Bazoorant?  Heck if know.  Somewhere between Miley and Hannah, the Sun and Pluto, and the Aztek and Fiero.

Anyways I welcome anyone who is willing to read my amateur eccentric babel.